Bag's Technology

How is the bag worked out?

Preparing the material – cutting the material – get the logo onto the panel – sewing the bags – inspecting the finished goods – packing the goods and well-stored till the delivery


How to guarantee the 100% qualified products delivered?

We have the very strict and complete inspection system, which is running through the whole process from preparing the material till packing the finished goods. All the ready material and accessories are receiving with the spot check; the panel with logo is selected 100%; every production line owns the inspector specialized for checking the half-finished goods every minute; all the finished goods are inspected 100% before packing.


How to ensure the delivery under the urgent projects?

For the very good relationship with the material’s suppliers, we are always receiving their strong supports on the very urgent projects, and shorting the time a lot on preparing the material. At present, we have capability to supply you with the fastest delivery, 3 weeks under customized color material and less than 2 weeks if the material is available from the ready market.


How to show your logo?

In general, there are 3 familiar ways to get your brand name and logo onto soft-surface materials like bags: silk screen printing, embroidery and rubber patch.

Silk screen printing, as the way used most widely, involves the use of a fine mesh or screen tightly fitted around a frame. The design to be imprinted is stenciled and placed onto the screen. The screen is then placed on the item and ink is spread over it. A squeegee (rubber blade) pushes the ink through. The ink is dried and the same process is repeated with a different screen in cases of multiple color imprints.  



Embroidery is a process of stitching an image or letters to a piece of cloth. Satin thread is the traditional thread used for embroidery. However, most embroiderers offer upgrade options like metallic, glow-in-the-dark or matte.



Rubber patch is worked out through 2 processes, injecting the requested colors liquid rubber into the precise mould, and then put the mould into the big oven machine for drying.Except being used as the company logo, rubber patch is usually used for the accessories with the logo customized, such as zipper puller, inside or outside label.